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You may have seen a coffee drink with a Spanish sounding name in your local cafe. It sticks out from a lot of English and Italian. Maybe you thought about ordering it, or only intrigued in the root and flavour of it.

It’s called the “cortado,” because it’s Spanish, really.

So how does it vary from the more well known coffee beverages? What is it?

History of the Cortado

The cortado’s origins is the same as that of the language that called us: Spain. Cortado derives from the cortar noun, which means to be sliced. And in the field of chocolate, coffees or espresso have been diluted with milk.

The goal is to “break off,” to help make things smoother for the mouth, the heavy taste of dark coffee with a different amount of milk. When it was born, nobody seems certain. The machiato was launched in Italy or noisette in France may have been at the same time. At around the end of the 19th century.

The cortado in Spain, Portugal and many Latin American countries is known to be famous. It is often referred to as the “cortadito” as it was launched in Cuba in the USA.

How To Make A Cortado

The cortado does not vary much from a macchiato or latte but varies from the coffee-to-milk ratio and the milk texture. There’s very little milk in a macchiato that’s simply enough to “stain” the coffee. The amount of coffee and milk in a cortadito is the same.

Coffee and milk in a latte is identical in proportion, but a latte’s milk is spat out. It’s just steamed where in a cortado and has no foam at all.

A much easier drink is then the cortado. In order to lessen the severity of the dark roasts used in Latin America and Spanish cafes, it needs the correct amount of cream. It’s a drink designed to aid in drinking the typical heavy coffee express.

The Italian machiato is instead completely different, the latte or the cappuccino. The texture and the inclusion of milk foam are different and offer a varied and more nuanced mouth and taste profile to the drinker.

In a few simple measures, a cortado coffee can be made. An espresso machine is needed, because cortado is based on espresso. One or two Espresso shots.

Standard black coffee may be used, like some other people, but instead the end product may not be as smooth as a cortado.


Not much more to be said on making a cortado. There is no need for frothing and you don’t need to learn how to produce latter craft. Some cafes serve a cortado with some moisture above it such that a figure can be produced above it).

The popular method of serving a cortado is a standard 5-7-oz cup, often made of glass. Instead of normal Milk as in the Cuban cortadito, simpler variations in core preparation are made. Or on top cream (making “leche y leche”) instead of milk, and so on.

The Gibraltar, named for a cup of 4,5 oz Libbey “Gibraltar,” is most common in California. It is the same for the cortado, the formula and the milk-to-coffee ratio.

How Does A Cortado Compare

The more you begin investigating Cortado combinations, the less the distinctions with other coffee drinks become. We have also seen a latte made of moulded milk that then contains both heated and foam milk. In addition, the milk ratio is somewhat higher than that of coffee.



A latte can also have 5-6 times the coffee’s milk, culminating in a mellower drink with a much lower levels of caffeine. Consider the latte to drink a little milk coffee while the cortado drinks coffee with the required milk to make it sweet.


Likewise, in the proportion of coffee to milk, the cappuccino varies from the cortado. A coffee contained just one-half of a cappuccino and the remaining two-thirds was steamed milk and milk foam.

The serving sizes are also different. The drink is bigger, with the flavour distorted in favour of milk, and at least one third more than cortado.

In order to offset the amount of milk in it, a certain cappuccino uses a stronger coffee almost reflecting the flavour of a cortado. Yet a cappuccino has a different drinking style, as it has a mouthpiece. There’s something entirely missing in a cortado.

Flat White

Some mistake a white flat and a cortado. Maybe since a few cafes add milk foam on top of the latter, so the look is quite the same.

However this flat white is much more dairy than a cappuccino or a latte with a less firm and frothy foam. It is a coffee drink that is simple to drink and has little in common with the darker, stronger corset coffee.


The cortado is a great coffee beverage for lovers of Espresso. It is similar to a macchiato than to a latent or flat white in flavour and conception. The aim is to make coffee more tolerable for drinking, but mostly coffee, and generally solid, must still be tasted.

The milk is a complement that makes the coffee easier to taste. Another notion was born into cappuccino, latte, or flat plain. Enjoying together milk and coffee and giving coffee a distinct texture.

Try it if you wish a milk taste drink that is thinner, cleaner and much more rich.

Try a cortado instead when drinking a coffee with an additional ingredient of milk sweetness. Espresso or caffeine enthusiasts like a little drinking experience. It’s a drink.

Anything without neglecting or overwhelming the flavour of coffee with milk. It is also quick to make this drink that even before you try it at a café, you really should try to make it at home. Have your espresso machine and coffee beans ready and enjoy your cortado!

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